Many curlies aspire to achieve second-day hair, while some of us would just be happy to make it through the day with our waves and ringlets looking shiny and defined.

That's where curl rejuvenators come into play. Also called curl boosters and curl revitalizers, this category of products serves several functions. They can re-activate your styling product; they can moisturize and refresh the hair; and they can quickly zap frizz.

"It's absolutely something that every curly should have in their arsenal," says stylist Leo Freeman of Trilogy Salon in Valley Village, Calif.

Some people might use water in a spray bottle to revive their curls. But this actually can be drying to curls and waves, making them frizzier.

"You need something to help defrizz and moisturize," says Kelly Foreman, creator of the Mop Top and Fuzzy Duck lines of curly hair products.

Most revitalizers contain different ingredients designed to refresh, moisturize and define the curls. Many contain magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), which helps to perk up curls and re-activate styling products. They also contain humectants such as glycerin, botanical oils and honey. And some use polyquateriums and silicones to zap frizz and add definition.

"Everybody has tried to put more gel on when your hair is dry, and it gets sticky, crunchy and gunky," Foreman. "You don't have a pretty curl. My Mop Top Detangler & Refresher adds the moisture element, without being sticky and gunky."

The Mop Top Detangler & Refresher contains ingredients such as sea botanicals, aloe, glycerin and honey.